Friday, January 9, 2015

So much has happened!

It has been a long while since we have posted updates. A lot has happened and BIG HUGE things have been going on. We got a new brother on April 2014!

Antonio is home!
So mom is now a senior in school and we are excited to have a little more time with her when she's on half day rotations. Last semester was a little rough on us since mom was all day in clinics and when she wasn't she was studying, a lot. Mom took something called NAVLE in Dec. and we couldn't be happier that she is done with that mess. We are hoping she doesn't have to re-take that because we can't go through all that again.


So back to our great news. OUR NEW BROTHER!!! His name is Antonio and he is a chihuahua mix. Mom adopted him from Prattville Humane Society in Alabama while out on an ambulatory rotation call. Mom was only supposed to go do heart worm tests and give vaccinations. They brought a tiny, thin dog out that appeared to have a broken leg. Mom said "no way! I can't have a 3rd dog" but she fell in love right there. No way mom could have left him in a shelter with a broken leg, right?

Broken leg? pffft I got this. -Antonio

Antonio is around 1-2 years old but mom is going with 1 year old. Antonio got his little leg fixed right away. Good thing mom is in vet school and her friend and senior vet student at the time Dr. Bidot and surgeon/clinician Dr. Korani took great care of him! He did not get surgery but he was in a splint for 3 weeks, 3 loooong weeks. Antonio managed to get his bandage wet every single time they replaced it. Mom was not happy with having to worry about the moist dermatitis he could get and eventually got. BUT finally it came off, rads looked great AND Antonio was using that leg like nothing had ever happened. OH, so what kind of issue was really going on you may ask? His teeny tiny carpus (wrist) was fractured. We think he might have been stepped on or maybe jumped and fell the wrong way before he got to the shelter. His past will forever remain a mystery.

I had no idea he was sleeping next to me but I didn't mind. -Lupita
Despite his alopecia on the tail and both ears, Antonio was healthy. No heart worms nor any upper/lower respiratory issues. He had a mild eye infection that cleared up on its own and a bit of the snuffles that also went away on its own. May have been the change of scenery. Antonio had some issues with house training. Since he was afraid of mom, every time she went to touch or pick him up he would urinate. When he got excited he also urinated and since mom didn't know his body language yet he had a TON of accidents in the house. He also was urinated on moms bed! Mom was NOT happy. Good thing mom takes us out 3 times a day and to teach Antonio we were going out 4-6 times. Whith what time?! Mom made it happen tho. We're happy to report that 1.5 months into it Antonio got the hang of it and when mom can't make it home on time he learned to use the puppy pad just like us!

Mom was afraid to leave me so I got to spend the day at school with her, sleeping. -Antonio

We know you're tired mom!
Once he was home we were not sure if we liked him or not. No fights happened and Antonio was afraid of everything including mom but he quickly got attached to her. It took us about a week and a half to bond with our new brother but we became close in no time! These days we spend our time playing, fighting over treats and trying to see who can sleep on mom's lap the longest. We have our ups and downs but we love Antonio! Everyone that meets him falls in love as well, he is very loving. Grandma wanted to keep him for herself and our little cousins also want him but mom can't give him up.

I think I will be alright. -Antonio
I get treats! I want ALL the treats. -Antonio

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finals are coming....

So mom has been slacking and not updating as much as she should on our blog! tsk tsk tsk Mom starts her finals TOMORROW and then 3rd year will be done and over with. We're very excited because that means no more classes BUT wait...she will have clinics..grrrr dammit! We just want our mom to ourselves already.

Anyways since she's too busy right now to actually update y'all on our awesome doggieventures here's a bunch of pics of us (mainly me, Lupita, because I'm her favorite child). ;-)

What? You mean I HAVE to share?!

But MOM! Now Antonio has my bully sticks.

Antonio is a boob man FYI

Antonio got neutered so mom took him on her ER rotation to watch him, no fair!

Just 2 brothers creeping while mom is in the bathroom

Lupita pop!

This is what a tired pup looks like

Aren't I the cutest ever? Well I think so ;-)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mom has a problem

So mom surprised us with a HUGE gift on Tuesday. It all started on Monday when mom as part of her small animal ambulatory rotation at school went on a shelter run to Prattville/Autauga humane society to do vaccinations and heartworm tests for the furry kids there, you know no big deal, right? WRONG! Apparently one of the orphans there was this tiny 4 pound chihuahua mix with what looked to be a broken leg. Of course mom fell in love instantaneously but who could blame her?! The thought of leaving him there for someone to adopt and then return when they confirmed that in fact his tiny leg was broken was not going to fly with mom!

So long story short mom came back with "Melvin" (his shelter name). As soon as she got back to school mom had "No name" (Melvin was NOT going to fly) admitted to surgery department for evaluation of his leg. They took him in despite the late hour (thanks Willie!) they quickly took radiographs and BAM broken leg. It looked like an old fracture that may or may not require surgery which made mom nervous. Despite what some may think, vet students DO NOT get medical care of their pets for free.

"No name" spent the night in the teaching hospital and on Tuesday mom got the breakdown of "the plan". AT this point mom decided to name out new sibling ANTONIO ALEJANDRO. He needed a big telenovela hunk name or so mom says. So the Dr in charge decided to splint Antonio's leg for the next 3 weeks and reevaluate. He doesn't think he will eventually need to have surgery since he is able to use the leg. Mom hopes this is the case since she can't afford an orthopedic surgery (mom is in so much debt, thank you education system!) but she is prepared to do whatever it takes for him. She already started fundraising for his expenses but mom is not just asking for money she is actually selling dog treats she makes herself and treats for hoomans too.

Antonio got all his vaccines, tested negative for heartworms, got dewormed, was micro-chipped, got his Advantage Multi dose, and was scheduled to be neutered next Tuesday, April 17. He got a name tag and a cute little harness/leash and collar. We're so proud of mom!

At first we weren't so thrilled about this new dog but slowly we'll eventually warm up to him. He's been doing really well and so far has only had 3 accidents on the carpet. Mom is worried he may be developing an upper respiratory infection but we will keep y'all posted on that. We hope our new little brother is not getting sick but if he is we know mom will be on it!

So without further adieu we present our little 2 year old brother Antonio:
First day home and already taking Lupita's spot

We're willing to share mom I guess

Who can say no to that face, really?!

Mom almost had a heart attack from cuteness overload when she saw us like this

He's a handsome little man I must admit

We're just a happy little family!

Please adopt don't buy and remember to spay and neuter your pets!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Doggie Olympics!!!!

Today it was that time of year again, yes, DOGGIE OLYMPICS time!!!! Last year was a blast so we could not miss it this year and mom is on this thing called an e-board for the Canine Club who put together this awesome event every year so you know we HAD to be there. So what are Doggie Olympics? Well they do events for us like fastest small dog, fastest large dog, best trick, fastest PB licking, etc. They have winners and awesome prizes. It's a lot of fun and it helps raise money for the club so everyone wins!

Here we go!

 Having an awesome time with Josh aka "daddy"
 I'm the queen of the park
 It's a great day and I love to sunbathe
 Mom, I need some sunglasses
 Can you put me down so I can get back to sniffing some butts?
 Ok, I'll stay here with you
 Seriously mom I need some sunglasses
 One tired pup!
 It was a loooong day and Miss Priss is knocked out!
Micro is pretty tired as well

OH! Mom also made some homemade treats to sell at the event and they turned out delicious!!! We got to eat some "cookie dough" while she made them and after they were baked we got to do some quality control and they were amazing. We ate every last crumb. We were sad only 2 people bought some treats from mom but we give her our approval as a doggie treat chef and we hope she keeps making them. Here are the pics!

 The apple, cheddar, bacon biscuit dough ready to be cut 
Ready for the oven!
Success! The biscuits are done and ready for the tummy

They turned out so good mom and Josh ate some of them and they said they were good even for hoomans. Let me tell you, mom must have liked them very much because we saw her eating 2 more of OUR biscuits, the nerve! Mom takes orders and if you're interested you should contact her at

Mom left us where?!

So mom decided to go to this thing called SAVMA Symposium and left us behind. We stayed with Nicole from March 19-23 BUT it wasn't so bad. We love Nico, Brenda, and Eddie. They took great care of us even tho we demanded a lot of attention (Lupita mostly because Micro slept the whole time). If mom has to leave us again we want Nico to take care of us :-) we give her two wagging tails! These are the pics mom got from us being adorable while she was doing who knows what in Colorado. Enjoy!

 Studying puts me to sleep just like mom
 We slept all cozy next to Nico's bed
 I know you want to read this but I am so comfy
 Oh, you need me to move? 5 more min!
 Ok, I'm ready let's do this!
 I could not make it mom, it's just too boring
Epic loot! Even tho mom did not take us with her she came back with plenty of goodies including yummy treats for us! We forgive her....THIS TIME.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's so hard being a spoiled pup!

Did you know dogs have pet peeves (no pun intended)? No? Well they do!

Lupita's pet peeve is clothing. She HATES it! I am not crazy enough to be one of those people who think their pets should wear clothes because they're such "fashionistas". The only time they get dressed is usually during winter time when I put a jacket or hoodie on. OH! and Halloween of course because who can resist?! Anyways back to Lupita, even tho she has some of the non sleeved as well as sleeved hoodies she refuses to wear them and when I do put them on she freezes in place. I suppose she thinks this is some sort of punishment because she simply does not move the entire time the item of clothing is touching her tiny chihuahua body. Every year I try and every year I fail. In all the 3 years we've live in Alabama (yes it does get cold here too) she has probably worn and kept on her hoddies for a total of maybe umm 45 min combined. While she looks absolutely adorable and warm and cozy I have given up trying because I won't make her do something she doesn't like. Now Halloween is a different story because she has no choice, she will be cute even if she doesn't want to. LOL

                                        "Mom, I am NOT amused."                           Our first Halloween outing in 2012

"I know I look fab but I hate this."

Now, Micro is another story. He is way smaller than Lupita and a lot thinner. He is ALWAYS cold no matter what time of the year it is. He LOVES his hoodies and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have any other way. His mission in life is to eat, nap, and be warm. But what is his pet peeve you may ask? LUPITA, Lupita is his pet peeve. She's just a bully and always picks on my poor old man and nothing is more annoying than having someone wake you up by jumping on top of you and biting your ears. Micro I feel you boy! Crazy thing, he can't live w/o her and neither can I. 

                                                                       "Look how warm I am, I LOVE it!!!"

"Mom, HALP!"